Web1337 intro

What is Web1337?

Web2, Web3, Web5...OMG what next? To stop and/or ridicule the manifesto of insanity, we have decided to create a new term, Web1337. If every day every new project invents its own new Web<set number here> we thought - why are we worse?

In general, Web1337 is a library for interacting with the KLY ecosystem, ranging from typical APIs to various features such as interacting with smart contracts, various services in the KLY network.

In addition, KLY offers various interesting features such as RWX codeless smart contracts, post-quantum cryptography, creation of custom blockchains, instant implementation of improvement proposals, etc. All of this can be interacted and created using Web1337.

In conclusion, we can add that Web1337 is Web3++, since KLY offers more features than typical blockchain projects. You will learn more about this later.


Web1337 is now available for JavaScript environments, but we will be adding Web1337 for Python, Rust, Golang and other languages soon. Stay tuned!

Difficulty levels

The Web1337 user guide has been divided into several levels depending on the complexity:

  • 🟒 - easy. Simple one-line API call for basic interaction with KLY

  • 🟠 - medium. More advanced usage. Transactions, contract deployments, etc.

  • πŸ”΄ - advanced. Instructions of how to use advanced cryptography in EVM / WASM smart-contracts, instructions for DApps 2.0, mutations and other interesting stuff.

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