☁️Run KLY node

Node.js installation

Since the core is written on Node.js you should to install it. If you already have installed, we recommend checking the version. The recommended version is v21.4.0

johndoe@klyntar:~$ node -v

Use official guides to install Node.js for your platform (Windows/Linux/Mac)

Go installation

Some parts of KLY is written on Go(for example, PQC schemes), so you need to install it too. Use this guide to install Golang for your platform & architecture

Or, check if you already have Go

go version

PNPM install

As a package manager for Node.js we use pnpm. To install it globally, run:

npm install -g pnpm

After all

Now, clone the core repository

git clone https://github.com/KLYN74R/KlyntarCore.git

cd KlyntarCore

Now depending on your OS run the following commands:

Install dependencies

pnpm install
npm link

Build Golang addons

Run a simple script

chmod 700 build_must_have_addons.sh



cd KLY_VirtualMachines\kly_evm

pnpm install

chmod 700 build_kly_evm.sh


Return to main directory

cd ../../

//Linux only
chmod 700 klyn74r.js

Prepare configuration and genesis files

At this stage, the build process ends and the preparation of files for work begins.

Depending on the network you want to connect to, you will need an appropriate genesis file, as well as a set of configurations for your node.

To find the files that suit you, follow the instructions in the block:


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