🟠Transactions and smart-contracts

Let's show you how to start with different types of KLY transactions


KLY has 4 types of accounts:

  • Ed25519 - default

  • BLS - for multisig

  • TBLS - threshold signatures

  • PostQuantum - Dilithium / BLISS

Due to the peculiarities of each of them, we decided to show how to conduct transactions from any type to any other (4x4, total - 16 examples)

Create Web1337 instance

It's initial step - as previously

import Web1337 from 'web1337';

let web1337 = new Web1337({

    nodeURL: 'http://localhost:7332'


BIP 44 support

KLY also supports BIP-44 with 7331 identificator(reversed 1337). Here is pull request that prove it

Currently, only Ed25519 accounts supports BIP-44 but later we'll add support for other types of KLY accounts

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